A Random Photo

I don’t have much to say – and there’s no recipe today, but if I don’t start posting something my blog may be shut down!!!

So, in the hope that this will push me to start actually doing something with the photos I’ve been taking… here is a one of beautiful Fermanagh, Ireland on a frosty, sunny late December morning:


Ode to a Mother

For the day that’s in it – well in Ireland anyway!

Today is what is officially known as ‘Mothering Sunday’.

A Hallmark holiday along with Father’s day, Valentine’s day etc etc? Perhaps, but so what, from what I can tell Mothers are never ever even close to being as appreciated as they should be so they deserve the day – and much more!

Yesterday I met up with alot of other Bloggers at an event organised in The Hotel by Brussels Food Friends  (omg check me out, I’m a blogger apparently).  It was a really lovely afternoon and I’ll write something more about it soon.  But during the course of the afternoon I had to explain why I started the blog – which of course involved Mary B.  So I thought no better time to write something about her.

The first question is – what should I call her?

Growing up I called her Mam, then I went to a school where everyone said Mum.

When I say it it sounds like Mom, though usually I write Mam. My sister calls her Mum, I think my brother is in the same dilemma as me.  Dad is so much simpler. Let’s stick to Mam for now – for old time’s sake!

Anyway before she was anyone’s Mother, she was Mary Dromgoole.  Her own mother’s maiden name was Jane Thornberry.  Then she married Brian Brennan and has been Mary Brennan every since.  Though she sometimes wistfully talks about giving up her glamorous maiden name, and once mentioned if we ever ‘named’ our house she liked the sound of ‘Dromthorn’. So here we are.

Somebody once asked me who I admired most in the world and I said it was my Mam.

This is because she is quite possibly the kindest, most selfless, hardest working, most thoughtful, most caring, warmest, loving and as a result happiest people I know.



There are a million examples of her fabulousness – here are but a few;

1. She makes snow angels.


2. She came to Belgium with her friend to visit me after I got my tonsils out, I went to bed early and left her having a drink somewhere on Rue du Bailli with her friend, and woke up to the sound of her bringing Sylvia  in for a glass of wine.  She had bumped into her on the way home.

3. She takes care of my friends when they are ill.

4. She never gives up on us. Ever.

5. She puts hot water bottles in my bed when I visit Dublin. Often wrapped up in my pyjamas

6. She comments on stuff on Facebook, and signs it.

7. She tweets Jamie Oliver:


On top of all that, she is the best daughter, sister, aunt, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, wife and friend that anyone could ask for.

2012-09-29 00.52.05

Obviously, I am biased, but I don’t care. If and when I ever have a family of my own, I can only hope to be half as good a mother as you have been to us.

Thanks for everything Mary B,

Happy Mother’s Day

Love you forever

Jane xxx

Of course – behind every good woman is a hero of a man… to be continued!

2006_0825Image0003 DSC_0607 DSC_0627



From Mother to Daughter and on and on

Even though I love my mother very much she infuriates me when it comes to demonstrating recipes.

She is a wonderful cook and always trying new things, but it is impossible to get a recipe out of her because everything involves “I just throw in a bit of this…” or “..you could also add a bit of this if you have it handy”.

Far too vague for me, so I’m starting this blog to encourage her, and all mothers to write down their amazing recipes so we can share the tastiness… and eventually start to “throw in a bit of this…” of our own.

Love you Mary B 🙂