A coop of hens, and an attempt to be Sylvia…

My 3rd Hen Party

I mean the 3rd one I’ve attended, not held in my honour, thus far I have had none….

This was the Hen of Miss Sarah Knox Esquire, soon to be Mrs Sarah Hendrick, or some form of that, or perhaps she won’t change her name at all, anyway she’s marrying Danny, and he’s lovely.


It was in Kilkenny, so I flew home for it and a great weekend was had by all. You understand of course that details cannot be divulged here.

All I can tell you is that there was alcohol, twerking, junk food, a dancing Grandad, and advice from a bouncer that the nightclub would be ‘too messy for us’…

It was a pleasure to spend time with old friends, and make some lovely new ones!


For the occasion I took on the challenge to make Sylvia’s Guinness and Chocolate Muffins.

My flight landed at 11am, I got the aircoach home, slipped into Spar to pick up the ingredients, discovered a Tim Horton’s stand and got momentarily distracted.

2013-10-11 12.09.28

Headed home and whipped them up before making the trip to Kilkenny.  I got 24 out of the batch, plus a bit left over which I used to make a mini-cake for the family.

It will be a while before I’ll get them as perfect as Sylvia does, but I’ll definitely try again – practice makes perfect!!!

DSC_1263     DSC_1265